CFB 76 FINAL 77 CLG   APR 21 2014 / 10 AM / JCSGO GYM

       Topex Robinson was not terminated nor did he resign as the head coach of the RNW PACIFIC PIPES STEELMASTERS competing in the much active with the teams but this time as its sports consultant.


        After his vacation and business trip in the US to take care of some personal matters, coach Topex informed the RNW management that he is requesting for a leave of absence as head coach on his responsibilities as an Assistant Coach of the Alaska Aces. Although it was a decision made with a heavy heart, RNW Management agreed but on the condition that he accepts the position of sports consultant.


       As such, Coach Topex was instrumental for the entry of Coach Pido Jarencio as his replacement. He was also on active participant in the different meetings, consultations, and tryouts conducted for the team’s build-up to be more competitive. With Coach Topex Robinson as its sports consultant and Coach Pido Jarencio at the helm of the team, RNW PACIFIC PIPES basketball STELLMASTER is servicing notice to the nine other teams that the team is fit and ready. Let’s BRING IT ON!

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